Stein-Otto Svorstøl

My setup of filters in Todoist

I’m a big fan of Todoist, and I’ve used it as my main to-do app for around 7 years. I picked it after some extensive research after Wunderlist was bought by Microsoft. Recently a colleague asked me about my setup, Here’s a short overview:

See here for more on how filters work in Todoist, and more suggestions on use.

In addition, I have a separate main project for agendas with people, i.e. things I want to talk about with person X.

It’s also worth mentioning the tool Tascaly, which creates a calendar event for tasks that has a scheduled time of day, as well as a label for how long it’ll take. E.g. today at 13 @1h becomes a 1-hour slot at 13:00.

I have also made it easy for me to send tasks to Todoist. So I’ve added the Todoist extension for my email apps, and to Slack. This enables me to schedule/plan for everything in one place. Sadly, the Todoist extension for Slack only supports one Slack team at a time. To enable me to add tasks from multiple teams, I’ve set up this zap from Zapier.

The next step for all this to be useful is having a process around that set up to put dates on your Do Now tasks, sort your inbox into projects, and move new items from your backlog into Do Now. That’s a longer story for another time.

Any thoughts, comments or corrections after reading this post? Please, do reach out by E-mail. Thanks.

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