Stein-Otto Svorstøl

Making decisions often for increased flow everywhere in your organization

At the yearly conference of my company (this year held digitally in April), I held a talk on how strategy is about making decisions. In short, I argue that to be able to continuously deliver business value, one must enable all parts of the organization to make small, incremental decisions that align with the whole. I.e. avoid big bang decisions, as well as big bang releases.

In short, I have four suggestions to enable your organization to make smaller decisions, faster and more often:

  1. Build accountable teams, with full responsibilitiy for a business area
  2. Define interefaces between teams, inlcuding decision prosesses
  3. Build platforms that teams and individuals can build on. Both technical platforms and business platforms. Enable your people to make decisions that align, not just expect them to! This might include an updated company strategy, or simply the general requirements for a vendor.
  4. Be transparent! Make sure that everyone knows what each team is working on, and why. Why and how they make their decisions. And if a bigger decision really is needed, make sure the process for it is well defined and transparent.

The talk is in Norwegian and can be seen below. Slides may be read here


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