Stein-Otto Svorstøl

Using Team Topologies to reorganize a consultant company

In the last year or so I have been involved in reorganizing the company where I work, Capra Consutling, based on the same prinicples as one would want to organize software development. In short, we had an organizations based on roles and hierarchies which made sense when we were no more than 50 employees. When we arrived at 100 employees, it was natural to do some changes, but we did not want to add an extra layer of hierarchy. Therefore, our goal instead was to build a team based organization. We want to create highly autonomous teams, while still maintaining alignment across teams.

To have a common vocabulary, we based our work on the book Team Topologies. One of the writers, Manuel Pais, joined us for a session earlier this February, to discuss his book, and using it for organizing other areas than software development. We also specifically discussed our current organizatinoal design. The session was recorded, you can see it here.

I’ve previously written an article on how we, step by step, went from roles to teams. It is posted over at our company blog. The article is in Norwegian.

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